Big Island Blends

Big Island Blends 1.0

Serve smoothies in paradise


  • Four different worlds
  • Adding new products to keep customers happy


  • Difficult serving many customers

Very good

Big Island Blends is a fast paced game where you'll have to manage serving the right cocktails to the right customers on time. You start off in a little beach bar, where you'll learn how to pick the right glass and then select the right beverage for each customer.

As the game progresses you'll have to serve more and more customers, making the game quite challenging. You'll be able to buy extra items, like a popcorn machine or orange wedges to keep customers happy as they wait.

Big Island Blends doesn't really have any story line, and although you'll be taken through four different locations on Big Island as you progress, you're ultimate goal is pretty much to make as much money as possible.

You'll be told before each level what threshold you need to reach before passing on to the next level. Big Islands is fun to play but admittedly gets quite challenging as levels get tougher.

Serve smoothies in paradise in this original challenge that's full of tropical fun! After arriving on Big Island you discover that the "fortune" you've just inherited is .

. . an orchard? Well, what better way to turn your fields into a real fortune than opening a smoothie stand? Serve your delicious fruit concoctions to the thirsty inhabitants of Big Island in level after level of fast-paced fun.

Then, use your hard-earned money to purchase a wide variety of sparkling upgrades to make your smoothie stand the best on Big Island! Colorful, fast, and fun, try Big Island Blends for a unique taste of the tropics!

Big Island Blends


Big Island Blends 1.0

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